has already launched for 1 week, and it has reached 100+ shops and 8000+ unique visitors and more than 10K sessions. In this article, I am going to share some data from to you and suggest a few actions you could take in the current circumstance.

(Due to privacy policy, I will not name any shops in this post. If you want to know your own data, contact me directly. You can check our privacy policy at

The Situation

While the government announced new restrictions and limits for COVID-19, takeaway and delivery are the only options for restaurants which resulted in a great drop in demand for the whole industry.

Data gathered from

  1. We have peak traffic of nearly 3000 visitors a day for the first day,
  2. We have 1546 visitors when we were on The Mercury
  3. The average daily visit is about 1000, but without those peak days, the average is about 650.
  4. Just for your reference, the top Hobart restaurants normally get 1000s to 3000s website visits per month previously.

Key findings:


  1. 75.3% of visitors are from Mobile, 8.3% from Tablet and 16.4% from desktop. So make sure your site is mobile friendly.
  2. Among the 8000 visitors, about 3500 clicked to the listed shops’ website.
  3. Well-known or high-end restaurants tend to get more traffic than anyone else.
  4. Most popular restaurants on have 3.7% of the visitor share.
  5. Every time the government announced new measures, the visitor figure drops

My Activities:

  1. When I did more social marketing on Facebook, the figure seemed to be a little better, it increases about 100 visitors
  2. When I did social marketing at certain time slots, the figure was better.
  3. Media exposure is a boomer for visitors, but it only lasts for a couple of days.


  1. Do social marketing more actively. I will write a blog about how to do social marketing properly if there are enough interests.
  2. Focus on your local area, letterbox dropping can be an option.
  3. Focus on a particular segment of customers, e.g. gluten-free, vegan and people in self-isolation.
  4. Contact your previous customers, if you have an email list.
  5. Get online ordering website setup
    1. For the top-end restaurants, you will get benefit from it very quickly.
    2. For small shops, it’s not the black magic for you, without active marketing, online ordering system itself will not bring many customers to you directly.
    3. If you need an online ordering setup, you can contact me directly at I finally have time to do this.

What could happen next?

  1. Border restrictions and more decline in demand
  2. Delivery will become a requirement, other than an option

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